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Led by top researchers of the country, INTRA (Impact Investment and Entrepreneurship Think Tank) by ANGIN is the expert for entrepreneurship, gender analysis, market crafting, impact investing, future of work, SMEs, and sustainability research topics.

We combine our expertise and interest to produce thematic research pieces that support impact creation – collaborating with strategic partners and respectable clients.


Research Formulation

We begin by collaborating with the client to design the most suitable methodology-led by researchers with cross-cutting experience in both academic and industry reports.


Clean Data Aggregation

We proceed to collect, mine, and aggregate available data with in-house resources and highly grounded local team.


Insight Generation

We continue to analysis where key insight is generated through mixed method and delivered by leveraging content in both local Bahasa Indonesia and English.


Design & Publication

Our global – standard visual design team and outreach work closely with the client on how to best deliver the insight – taking into account who the target audience is.

INTRA’s Library

Sustainability Reporting: What does it mean for Indonesia’s Practioners?

Sustainable development is a critical focus for organizations globally, addressing environmental, social, and economic concerns. This commitment not only responds to pressing global issues but also aims to harness potential profitability and meet regulatory requirements. Sustainability and impact reports have become essential tools for organizations to communicate their efforts to stakeholders. This industry report examines the significance, operationalization, and implications of sustainability reporting for practitioners in Indonesia, emphasizing the importance of established reporting standards and ESG considerations.


Study of Digitalization on Agri-food Sector in Indonesia (2023)

The study investigates digital transformation prospects in Indonesian agriculture, aiding Dutch entrepreneurs’ decisions and guiding the Dutch embassy on tech priorities, highlighting disparities in digital policy and adoption between smallholder and industrial farmers while emphasizing the role of aggregators and civil society in enabling digital opportunities for sustainable and smart farming practices.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Unlocking Potential Investment on FoodStartup Indonesia

The report examines investments in the food and beverage industry and their impact on society, the economy, and the environment. It questions whether investors prioritize positive impact or solely profit. Focusing on insights from Food Startup Indonesia (FSI), a Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy-supported platform aiding food startups, the report highlights FSI’s adherence to the Planet, People, and Profit (3P) framework for sustainability and social responsibility. While more investors show interest in impactful businesses, differing opinions on what qualifies as impactful suggest a need for clearer definitions and measures.

Ultima Rasa Akselerasi (Ultra)

Investors’ Drives for Clean Energy and Impact Investment as part of Climate Solutions (2022)

This research explores investor interest in Indonesia’s clean energy sector, emphasizing motivations and potential investment areas. Findings reveal a growing trend in impact investment, with solar PV technology and electric mobility identified as promising areas due to versatility and Indonesia’s automotive market potential. Government ambitions and regulations encourage investors to prioritize early-stage startups for risk diversification.

New Energy Nexus

Creating Profit with Purpose: Lesson Learned Indonesia (2022)

Indonesia has the makings of a global force in social entrepreneurship — the talent, the culture, the resources, and the eyes of the industry. By investing in its social entrepreneurship policy and ecosystem, the Indonesian government can entice its native sons and daughters to invest in the homeland — inviting not only a welcome influx of capital, but also a great awakening of social cohesion and national purpose.

Ford Foundation

Women Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance

Indonesia sees a rise in women-led social enterprises, yet investments primarily targeting them focus on poverty reduction at a small scale. These enterprises, often stuck between being too big for grants and too small for investors, require tailored financing solutions and bundled support services to overcome gender-specific barriers and grow sustainably across different industries.

United Nations and Development Programme

Funding Nutrition in Asia A Landscape Study (2020)

The report talked about the critical importance of early childhood nutrition, the challenges of malnutrition’s long-term impact, the insufficient funding to address these issues, the exacerbation of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and efforts to map funding landscapes and proposed interventions in Asia to combat maternal and child malnutrition.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

Connecting Indonesian Start-ups and Dutch Companies

The report aims to unlock opportunities for strategic collaboration between the start-up ecosystems of the Netherlands and Indonesia, leveraging their respective strengths in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to foster mutual growth and establish sustainable partnerships across various key sectors.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands