Fostering Impact, Empowering Growth:
ANGIN Advisory, Your Strategic Partner in Indonesia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Within our capacity-building initiatives, we offer comprehensive and structured programs specifically designed to facilitate the rapid advancement of entrepreneurs. These programs are characterized by a well-defined time frame, a customized curriculum, and notably, a set of precise objectives and measurable criteria that delineate our success. Through these initiatives, we aim to propel entrepreneurs toward substantial growth while ensuring a clear trajectory and tangible benchmarks for their progress and achievement.


Problem and Needs Mapping

Identify the specific challenges and requirements within the targeted area or subjects


Training Period

Provide structured sessions for the shortlisted participants.


Curriculum Design

Develop a structured curriculum to address the identified problems and needs.


Showcasing Day

Provide an event online or offline for participants to showcase their achievements and learning outcomes.


Open Application

Invite individuals or organizations to participate in the program. Here we also ask our community partners to raise awareness



Documenting all the impacts and outcomes of the entire  program.

Type of Work

Track Records

ANGIN Advisory enhances its capacity-building by collaborating with external experts in government, investors, ESG, distinguished founders, etc. This ensures entrepreneurs gain practical skills and valuable insights, fostering overall success and sustainability in their ventures.


Capacity building projects delivered since 2020


2023 - 2024

A program that aims to Empower both Women-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises (WSMEs) and Women-Related Small and Medium Enterprises (WSGBs), this program bridges the gap by democratizing access to knowledge and financial capital in culinary, craft, and fashion sectors. Through grants, incubation, and training, it fosters sustainable growth, contributing to poverty reduction and creating employment opportunities, impacting 330 WSMEs over a three-year period.


(Wirausaha Sosial untuk Negeri)

2023 - 2024

An innovative business competition initiated by the Ministry of Administrative & Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia (KemenPAN-RB) and USAID ERAT to support the local government on public service delivery improvement through a partnership with social enterprises.

GIZ Startup Support

2023 - 2024

Tailored-support program for Indonesian startups from Innovation Factory to help accelerate sustainable development through local digital innovation.

Wirausaha Hijau

2023 - 2024

A 12-month program that aims to support startups in the agricultural value chain and food system through access to funding, mentoring, and access to potential partnerships.

NL-ID Access

2023 - 2024

A scoping study on possibilities for mutually beneficial connections between the two ecosystems: Dutch companies and Indonesian startups.

Tanoto Future Leaders Business Acumen Program

2023 - 2024

An extensive business plan workshop program that targets Tanoto Scholarship recipients and all Indonesian university students to get an early kick-start of their careers and succeed in being a leader of a startup or in the entrepreneurial world.

NINJA Accelerator  

2023 - 2024

Japan’s initiative to support impactful Indonesian companies to face curated investor lists and achieve financial support. This program closed with a demo day in Jakarta and Japan.