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Democratizing Access: Women Entrepreneurs Incubation Program

Why we BUILD this

The BUILD program is crafted in response to the growing presence of women entrepreneurs in Indonesia, acknowledging their substantial economic contribution and sectoral diversity.

However, recognizing the challenges they face, particularly in limited access to finance and gender stereotypes, the program aims to provide strategic opportunities.

Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs in Indonesia contribute significantly to the country's economy.

According to a report by the World Bank, as of 2021, women-owned businesses in Indonesia accounted for approximately 35% of all businesses in the country.

This highlights the substantial economic role women entrepreneurs play in driving business and employment.

However, there are challenges faced by these women entrepreneurs…

Introduction to

BUILD is a program that empowers women entrepreneurs by providing access to financial capital, knowledge through 1:1 tailor coaching with industry expert, and supporting regional and national market access.

In essence, the program is designed to bridge existing gaps between Women Small Growing Business (WSGB) and the Women Micro Entrepreneurs (WME) in Indonesia, which later will create collaborative ecosystems, and unlock the full potential of women-led businesses in Indonesia.

Size of Impact

Each year, every WSGB will be matched with 10 WME individuals through a co-creation process, with focus on incorporating gender mainstreaming and inclusivity interventions. The connection between WSGB and 10 WME is through group vendorship/buyer-supplier relationships, ensuring inclusivity and equal participation in collaborative work.


Women Small Growing Business (WSGB)

  1. Revenue >Rp300 million/year
  2. Bankable (individuals of legal age and who meet the requirements to access financial products provided by banks).
  3. Cooperatives are allowed to register.
  4. Ready to collaborate with micro women entrepreneurs in various regions in Indonesia.

Women Micro Entrepreneur (WME)

  1. Revenue <Rp300 million/year, in the form of business groups
  2. Having a local companion in their area
  3. Having access to raw materials of a commodity in their area
  4. Committed to completing training and programs



BUILD is open to all locations in Indonesia; participants from outside Java and Bali are highly encouraged



Empowering Women
Entrepreneurs to Thrive!