ANGIN Advisory is a premier development advisory consulting firm in Indonesia, strategically positioned at the heart of the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. With a dedicated focus on fostering impact, ANGIN Advisory has carved a niche by offering a spectrum of crucial services.

From in-depth research initiatives to comprehensive capacity-building programs, the company’s mission is to empower and support a diverse range of beneficiaries. By leveraging its strategic location and expertise, ANGIN Advisory is committed to driving positive change and sustainable growth within Indonesia’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape.

What We See in the Ecosystem?

Greeting From Our Director

“The inception of ANGIN Advisory was fueled by the firm belief that we could play a crucial role as a reliable partner in guiding individuals through the ever-evolving landscape of business and impact in Indonesia.

Since its establishment in 2016, ANGIN Advisory has embarked on a journey of fostering the growth and development of over 250 entrepreneurs, investing more than 3000 hours in mentoring sessions. Our mission extends beyond mere business support; we empower entrepreneurs who, in turn, contribute to reshaping our societal values and understanding of the world we inhabit. Importantly, these entrepreneurs are catalysts for sustainable impact, aligning their endeavors with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ANGIN Advisory serves as a hub for entrepreneurs, mentors, companies, and organizations seeking connections, learning opportunities, and a roadmap for navigating the entrepreneurial journey. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact in Indonesia. Join us in shaping a future where business not only thrives but also contributes to the greater good of our society and the world at large.”

Saskia Tjokro
Advisory Director

The Team