Excited to announce our dedication to nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem!

Stay tuned as ANGIN Advisory is about to launch
16 impact reports highlighting the journey and impact achievements of 16 enterprises in 2024!

ANGIN Advisory is the development advisory entity founded by ANGIN which offers key services ranging from research to capacity building to foster impact in its extensive beneficiaries

Our Latest Project

With the focus and services, ANGIN Advisory
has managed to stand in the strategic spot for policy advocacy through research and cases for the Asia Region.

The Problem

In Indonesia’s growing world of new businesses and social enterprises, there’s a clear need for openness and more accessible insights and data, which are often scattered and hard to interpret. Entrepreneurs, motivated by a desire to do good, are trying to find the right balance between creating positive impact and running their businesses effectively. Despite the strong interest from the government and regulators in nurturing this sector, support for early-stage businesses remains scarce, making it even more challenging for these entrepreneurs to succeed.

The Solution

We develop an on-point design and implementation typically for private sector players and development institutions within our core domains of expertise related to entrepreneurship and development:





hours of mentorship


G to G partnership delivered in 2023







Public Sectors


International and national organizations


Incubators, Accelerators

Supportive Ecosystem

ANGIN’s engagement with the early-stage entrepreneurship ecosystem

Some of Our Support to the Impact Ecosystem

In 2022 in the spirit of G20, we are happy to share that we become a part of Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi (KEM) and Indonesia Impact Alliance (IIA) to support the evergreen impact investment in Indonesia.

Early 2023 Workshop Core Team of the Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi (KEM) to continue supporting entrepreneurship & early-stage impact investing

As part of Indonesia Impact Alliance 2023, we have launched a platform to increase capital flows to impactful sectors.

Impact Accelerator Program

(Ongoing from July until December 2023)

As our way to promote impact implementation to the startup ecosystem, we are planning to develop an accelerator program for selected startups.